Are You Comfortable?

We all strive for a reason. There are many reasons really, but one that we can easily agree on is that we strive in order to be "comfortable". Of course, we each give a personal meaning to that word and that's ok. Most of us consider being "comfortable" as having reached a state of personal achievement, or having arrived at a certain lifestyle; one that required effort and execution. And, as a result, we feel comfortable. And it feels good. And it's a trap!

But why? Because if you're comfortable, you've stopped growing. It's uncomfortable to push the boundaries of your knowledge in order to reach new levels of performance. It's scary to try new methods and pave new ground, but it most definitely pays off. Comfort equals safety and mediocrity. You may have heard this before: "Operate just outside your comfort zone for best results". But how many times have you self-analyzed your comfort level? On a scale of ten, where 1 is full comfort and 10 is panic; Where do you actually operate most of the time? It's an easy exercise. Just ask yourself once a day.

I find that this method gives me repetitive feedback on my level of comfort, or (better words) my level of continual GROWTH. Don't strive for comfort. Strive for growth. Let growth be your new comfort gauge. Be UNCOMFORTABLE when you find that you are not operating in the growth comfort level. I promise you will surprise yourself.

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